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Business 307c

Resources on Company and Marketing research to help with your Individual Assignment #2 along with other research assignments for this class and beyond.

Why we Cite

Citations allow you to:

  • Allow your readers to find further information on your topic
  • Build the authority of your argument with ideas from numerous sources
  • Be a responsible researcher and avoid plagiarism 

When To Cite

Any time you write something that did not 100% come from your own brain, you need to site where you got the information. This means you will include a citation anytime you use some else's words or idea in your own work. Including:

  • Direct quotes- full sentences or phrases expressing an idea
  • Paraphrases- when you put someone's ideas into your own words (do not use quotations)
  • Words or terminology specifically related to the author's ideas
  • An author's line of argument or point of view
  • Historical, statistical, or scientific facts. 
  • Graphs, drawings, or images. 

You do not need to document:

  • Proverbs, axioms, or well know phrases. 
  • Common knowledge

If you are not sure, it is better to over cite and under cite.