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Business 307c

Resources on Company and Marketing research to help with your Individual Assignment #2 along with other research assignments for this class and beyond.

How to Use this Guide

This guide is designed to provide you with the information that Liz Lang would have presented on Friday, March 20th. All of the information you need to find resources for your Individual Assignment #2 is in this guide. You will see information and resources multiple times throughout the guide. The duplication is intentional.

Below I have outlined how to use this guide.


Step 1

Take a look at the assignment and make note of what information you will need to find to be able to answer all of the questions. This should include: industry reports, company reports, financial statements, competitor lists, and finally trade and scholarly articles.


Step 2

Explore this guide. Click through each page and at least skim the material in the different sections. The goal with this step is to have a general idea of what is available.


Step 3

Decided what you need. Are you completely new to business research? I would highly recommend starting on the Database Tutorial page. These videos will give you an introduction to how all of these resources work, which will make your life easier when you are ready to answer the questions in your assignment. If you have used the resources listed below, jump to the Company, Industry, and Marketing Research pages. These will show you how to use the resources for these particular elements of your research.


Step 4

Now that you have found some information, work through the Reading and Using Scholarly Sources and Source Evaluation page to see how to use these sources.


Step 5

Really, this step can be steps 3 through 5. Contact me with questions. Research is never a simple process, and with everything else going on, it can seem overwhelming. Talking through a problem or collaborating on a search strategy can go a long way in making your life easier. I have included my contact information on the bottom of this page including a Google appointment calendar specifically designed to allow for virtual office hours through Google Hangouts.

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