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Business 307c

Resources on Company and Marketing research to help with your Individual Assignment #2 along with other research assignments for this class and beyond.

Company Reports

A company report provides comprehensive and in-depth coverage of a company.

Annual Reports

Annual Report to Shareholders is a comprehensive report on a company's activities and gives shareholders information about the company's activities and financial performance.

10-K Annual Report is a comprehensive report of a company's performance submitted annually to the Securities and Exchange Commission. It contains much more detail than the annual report to shareholders.

How to Find with S&P Capital IQ:

  1. In the main search bar, search for your company by name or symbol. More than likely the top result is the main listing for your company. 
  2. On the left-hand side of the screen, under "News, Events and Filing", click on SEC Filings. 
  3. Select the most recent 10-K for the company's Annual Report. 

SWOT Analysis

Use Business Source Complete to find SWOT analyses of major companies. 

A SWOT analysis is used to evaluate a company's and programs' strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. With a SWOT you can evaluate the current state of the company and the possibilities for the future. 

To Find: 

  1. In Business Source Complete, search for a company by name or ticker symbol. 
  2. in the "refine results" panel on the left side of the page, click on "Source Types" and select "SWOT Analysis".
  3. If you do not see "SWOT Analysis in the first set of options, click on "Show More" and click "Update"
  4. To find the most recent SWOT Analysis, change the sorting option from "Relevance" to "Date Newest" 
  5. To view the full SWOT Analysis, click on the "PDF Full Text" link.