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Business 307c

Resources on Company and Marketing research to help with your Individual Assignment #2 along with other research assignments for this class and beyond.

Who's Buying Online

Who’s Buying Online analyzes the data found in the Consumer Expenditure Survey, a nation-wide survey of household expenditures. To produce this report, New Strategist Press analyzed the Consumer Expenditure Survey’s average household spending data in a variety of ways, calculating household spending indexes, aggregate (or total) household spending, and market shares.

Who's Buying Online is available in multiple volumes organized by the type of industry or consumer. The easiest way to find all of Who's Buying Online that the library has access is to follow the steps below to search in eBook Central.

1. From the homepage, go to the advance search screen (under the search box).


2. Limit your search to Title and search Who's Buying


3. Browse the 26 results for the most appropriate volume for your company. Click on the title of that volume


4. You can either download the title or browse online. If you just need to use small pieces of information (not read the entire book), I'd recommend reading online. 


5. From the text page, you can search within the volume for specific keywords (use one-word keywords as much as possible). 


Demographic Information

Demographics are the statistical analyses of people or a group of people. For marketing, you use demographic data to find a group of people who statistically would be the ideal customer for your business. We will be using DemographicNow to find consumer spending data to help figure out who is using your company's products. 

To use DemographicNow, you will need to sign up for a digital Delaware Country District Library card. 

It is highly recommended that you watch the introductory video to DemographicNow below. This resource is structured quite a bit differently than other library database that you might have used before. 

You can Figure out what consumers are spending money in your company's sector with Consumer Spending Reports. 


To find a General Consumer report, follow the following directions. 

1. On the demographics now homepage, select Demographics tab


2. Change Report Type to Summary


3. In the drop-down menu, select the Consumer Expenditure report that makes sense for your company.


4. Click on Run Report