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Donating Your Books to the OWU Libraries

The gifts of alumni, faculty, and friends of Ohio Wesleyan University Libraries have strengthened and enriched the collection of more than 550,000 volumes which supports the study and research of the Ohio Wesleyan community.

The Ohio Wesleyan University Libraries is pleased to accept gifts of books, other library materials, or money to support its programs. The Library's ability to accept gifts is limited by the constraints of space, security, and the costs of processing, cataloging, and preserving these gift materials.

Donors should be aware that all gifts are accepted with the understanding that, upon receipt, the Library becomes the owner of the material and reserves the right to determine retention, location in the library, cataloging treatment, and possible exchange or sale of duplicates or materials in poor condition. 

Before accepting a proposed gift, the Collection Development Coordinator will consider whether the gift satisfies a current or expected curriculum demand, is essential for overall collection development, enhances an extant special collection, or possesses definite research potential which will encourage independent study projects or use by visiting scholars. Faculty, librarians, and other subject experts will be consulted as necessary.

Appraisal for income tax purposes of a gift to the Library is the responsibility of the donor and is governed by the Tax Reform Act of 1984. To protect both donors and itself, the Library, as an interested party, must not appraise such gifts. The Library may assist by suggesting sources of information for evaluation purposes and names of experienced independent appraisers who might be considered by the donor. 

In the case of gifts too small to warrant appraisal costs, the Library can suggest reference books to help determine the value of the gift. A donor may wish to discuss a prospective donation with an accountant or attorney. IRS Publication 561 Determining the Value of Donated Property and Publication 526 Charitable Contributions may be helpful to the donor and can be consulted at the Library.

Appropriate acknowledgment of all gifts is made by the Library and will include a count of the items, but not an appraisal. Donated books, like those purchased on gift, memorial or endowed funds are identified by the Library's gift bookplate in each volume added to the collection. To identify large collections, a special bookplate may be designed.

The Ohio Wesleyan University Libraries may also receive tax-deductible gifts, donations, endowments, bequests and trusts arranged through the Development Office. Gifts of money may be designated for a particular subject area, as a memorial, or for other purposes such as purchase of equipment or furnishings. Endowed funds can be established with gifts of $50,000 or more.

Questions on gifts of books to Ohio Wesleyan University Libraries may be directed to