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BUS 105: Exploring Business



LexisNexis Academic is used for company, industry and market research.  Here is what you will find:

  • Company Profiles

  • Analyst and Stock Reports

  • SEC Fillings

  • Industry and Market Reports

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Guided Search

Discipline Specific Search

Video Demonstration

Looking for a Specific Report?

Company Dossier

Click on Business (a box found under Discover Topics):

  1. click on Company Dossier
  2. enter your company

provides information from multiple sources and compiles that information into a comprehensive but easily-assimilated report on a targeted company. Each company report delivers information that would require more than 60 searches using traditional search methods.
Source: LexisNexis

Company Profiles, Analyst Reports, SEC Filings & More

Click on Business (a box found under Discover Topics):

  1. enter your company in the Search box
  2. click on the arrow key next to All Nexis Uni and choose Company and Financial
  3. on the results page, look at the left side bar
    - analyst reports: click on Category and choose Analyst Reports
    SEC filings: click on Category and choose SEC Filings
    - industry & market reports: click on Industry