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BUS 105: Exploring Business



Standard and Poor's is used mostly for industry research.  It can be used to research companies too.  Here is what you will find:

  • Industry Surveys & Sub-Industry Data

  • Industry Benchmarks (Key Stats & Ratios) & Company Level Comparisons

  • Stock Reports

  • Company Descriptions and Financials


  • Select Companies tab for company descriptions and financials
  • Select Industry Survey tab for industry surveys
  • Select Markets tab for data and benchmarks for industries and sub-industries


Video Demonstration

Industry Surveys

The S&P Capital IQ provides in-depth, independent research on industries and sub-industries. Industry Surveys are written by team of respected equity analysts for clients to get up to speed on an industry's profile, trends, key ratios and statistics, and how the industry operates. The reports also explain how to analyze a company within that space. There are over 45 US Industries covered, which are updated twice a year and 10 Global Industries (Europe and Asia), which are updated once a year.
Source: S&P Capital IQ


  • Industry Profiles & Trends

  • How the Industry Operates

  • Key Industry Ratios & Statistics

  • How to Analyze a Company

  • Industry References

  • Comparative Company Analysis

sample s and p capital industry survey

Company Analysis

The S&P Capital IQ platform is a single source for a powerful array of financial data, analytics and research. Our web-based platform combines deep information on companies, markets and people worldwide with robust tools for analysis, idea generation and workflow management.

  • Perform deep company and industry research
  • Monitor companies and markets
  • Identify and leverage key relationships
  • Generate better ideas and targets
  • Build and maintain models and presentations

Source: S&P Capital IQ


  • Company Financials

  • Quick Comps (peer analysis)

  • Company Stock Report

  • Industry Classification (with links to Industry Surveys)

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