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BUS 105: Exploring Business


IBIS World


IBISWorld is used for industry research.  Its reports provide insight and analysis on more than 700 industries in the United States.  Each report covers:

  • Industry definitions
  • Industry performance
  • Products and markets
  • Competitive landscape
  • Major companies
  • Operating conditions
  • Key statistics
  • Jargon and glossary.

Example of IBIS indrustry report


Search by Keyword

Use word or phrase that best describes your industry, product or service.

Search by Company

Enter the name of your company, and you will find reports for the various business activities your company is engaged in.

Search by Code

Enter the NAICS code of your industry.

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Browse Reports by Industry Sector

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Browse Reports by NAICS Code

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NAICS is the North American Industry Classification System, a federal standard for classifying businesses in order to collect and publish data.

Click NAICS logo links to siteto learn about NAICS

Here is a video to help you understand NAICS.


A Special Note

Our subscription only covers U.S. industries.