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BUS 105: Exploring Business



Business Source Complete is used for company, industry and country research.  You will find:

  • Company Profiles

  • Country Economic Reports

  • Industry Reports

  • Market Research Reports


The quickest way to find company and industry profiles and country reports is to select a search field from the optional Select a Field drop-down list.  Useful fields include:

  • CO Company Entity (e.g. McDonald Corp.)
  • IC NAICS Code or Description (e.g. 722513)
  • TK Ticker Symbol (e.g. MCD)

Make sure you limit the Source Type to "Country Reports", "Industry Profiles" or "SWOT Analysis".



Video Demonstration

MarketLine Company and Industry Reports


In an information-rich world, finding facts you can rely upon isn’t always easy. MarketLine is the solution.

Business Source Complete provides access to MarketLine company profiles, which include SWOT analyses.  It also includes industry profiles and and country reports. There are over 10,000 company profiles from MarketLine, and over 2,400 industry profiles that are updated annually.

Source: MarketLine, Inc.

Country Reports

In addition to MarketLine, Business Source Complete provides access to country reports from:



Business Monitor International (BMI Research)