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Business Information Sources (for BUS 105): Lexis-Nexis Academic


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Company Dossier

Select Get Company Info (at the bottom of the search screen), and enter company name or ticker symbol.


LexisNexis Academic is used for company, industry and market research.  Here is what you will find:

  • Company Profiles

  • Analyst and Stock Reports

  • SEC Fillings

  • Industry and Market Reports

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Company Dossier

provides information from multiple sources and compiles that information into a comprehensive but easily-assimilated report on a targeted company. Each company report delivers information that would require more than 60 searches using traditional search methods.
Source: LexisNexis

Features include:

  • Snapshot—at-a-glance analysis of current information

  • In the news—sorted by top publication, topic, or region

  • Business Information—research & analysis reports, company profiles, and competitor, product, and brand listings

  • Financial Information—SEC filings, corporate financials, and more

  • Legal Information—U.S. court decisions, jury verdicts, and more

  • Intellectual Property Information—U.S. & European patents, and U.S. trademarks & copyrights