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Moving Film Reel Forward and Backwards

Use the motorized roll film control box to move your film forward and back. You can toggle it manually to move slowly to a specific point in the reel. When you are finished with a film reel, pull the tray out and press rewind. 

 You can also move the film forward using the "Previous Next" button. This will move the film to the next image on the roll. This is useful for moving slowly through a film reel. 

Film Settings

These are some of the most commonly used tools for adjusting your film. You can find these settings in the "Home" and "Adjust" tabs. 

Contrast - Higher contrast generally makes small, blurry text easier to read.

Brightness - Used to adjust dark documents. The AB button automatically adjusts this. 

Focus - If the document looks blurry, try adjusting the focus. The AF button automatically adjusts it. 

Film Type - Allows you to switch between negative and positive film types. This is only used for microfiche. 

Manual Straighten - Straightens crooked documents for easier reading and printing.

Mirror - Creates a mirror image of what you see on the screen. Use this if your text appears to be backwards.

Auto Adjust - Auto adjust automatically adjusts the brightness and constrast, and straightens the image.