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JOUR 341: Journalism and the American Landscape

A guide to help you locate resources for your papers on the impact of journalism on history.

Periodicals Overview

Periodicals include popular magazines and newspapers, academic journals, and government documents. These resources can be used as examples of journalistic practice to be analyzed or support for your own reporting. Contact us to help find what you need.

Click on these links to browse available print and online titles: 

Academic journals on Journalism & Communications

Newspapers -- Titles from all around the world; includes New York Times, Washington Post, and Wall Street Journal.

Magazines -- Titles from all around the world; includes transcripts from television news magazines like 60 Minutes

Print Periodicals

OWU has access to many historic newspapers and magazines in print and on microfilm. Since your papers may require some research in historical newspapers, you might find these to be really helpful sources.


Some of the print and microfilm sources we have include:

The New York Times (on microform)

(1851 - present)


The New Yorker (in print)

The New Yorker (on microfilm)

(1946 - present)


The Nation (in print)

The Nation (on microfilm)

(1863 - present)


Time (in print)

Time (on microfilm)

(1923 - present)

Newspapers Online




Journal Articles