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Rare Books, Manuscripts, & Artifacts

The Collection

The Rare Books, Manuscripts & Artifacts collection contains materials illustrating various methods people have used to record transactions, thoughts, and knowledge in language forms: cuneiform writing in clay tablets; Greek on papyrus; sacred texts in Sanskrit on palm leaves, in Hebrew on a leather scroll, in Latin and Ge'ez in illuminated manuscripts on parchment; early printed books.

Noteworthy individual collections include:

  • The Leland Schubert Collection of 1920s imprint first editions
  • The Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning Collection (books from their own library, their art collection, and furniture)
  • The Kate Greenaway Collection
  • Early 20th century Sheet Music
  • The Jaccaud Collection of Presidential Campaign Literature: Books, pamphlets, signs from 1834 to the present day
  • A rare and contemporary Spanish Civil War Collection
  • The Bayley/Walt Whitman Collection (first editions, photographs, correspondence)
  • The Paula B. and Thomas W. Harvey Collection of Civil War Letters

The collection also houses artifacts such as pre-Columbian pottery from Bolivia, Anasazi and Lower Mississippi culture pottery, Asian and African artifacts, oriental carpets, chinaware, and paintings. There is also a collection of 19th century photographs of the American Southwest.

The Rare Books, Manuscripts, & Artifacts collection is open by appointment. Please contact Special Collections Librarian Stacy Chaney-Blankenship to arrange a visit.

OWU Instructors: Using Special Collections in Your Courses

Are you an OWU professor or instructor who would like to use some of our rare books, manuscripts, or artifacts to augment your course instruction? Would you like to have a librarian teach your students about some of our interesting historical and cultural objects? Would your students benefit from a guided visit to our Special Collections? Would you like to build a course assignment around some of our materials? Do you just want to learn more about what a librarian can do for your courses, or what's in Special Collections? If so, please contact us at x3288 or fill out this form: We look forward to working with you!


By Appointment


Stacy Chaney-Blankenship