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SOAN 300.8 - Community Based Research Project


These sources are written by experts for other experts. They tend to be the presentation of discipline specific research that does a deep dive into particular aspects of a topic. 

Why use these sources:

  • Judges will give the most weight to these types of sources. 
  • The peer-review process adds to the reliability of these sources 
    • Articles written by experts and reviewed by other experts in their field before they are published. 
  • High-level study of systems at play in countries of origin. 

Questions to ask yourself:

  • What department on campus would be researching issues related to your case? 
    • How do these scholars structure their research (each discipline will have slightly different standards, which will influence what they find and how they conduct their research)?
  • What voices are missing from the scholarly analysis? 
  • When was the article published? And more importantly when did they conduct their research? 
    • The writing and publishing of an academic article can take years. Even information published in 2023 may already be out-of-date depending on what kind of information you need. 



Political Science