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English 105

Resources needed for Library Sessions.

Topic to Research Question

Activity 1 - Practice Writing Questions

Pick one card from the green Population deck and one card from the purple Object deck. See if you can create a researchable question that ties these two cards together. Keep this checklist in mind: 

  • Is it an open-ended question?​
  • Is it appropriate in scope? Focused and narrow enough for your project or paper?
  • Does it suggest factors that can be measured?​
  • ​Is it relevant to my audience?
  • Is answering the question manageable, and can I find and access enough documents, statistics, or persons to provide information to develop and support my ideas?​
  • Is the topic of interest to me?​

Each group should come up with three questions and add them to the Padlet: 

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Need some more ideas? Think about how you start the question:

  • Who - Questions looking into what populations were involved.
  • What - Questions looking into the details of the object or event.
  • When - Questions concerning the timeline of the interactions between the population and objects. 
  • Where - Questions focusing on the location of the interactions between the populations and objects. 
  • Why - Questions exploring the reasons behind the interaction between the population and objects. 
  • How - Questions following the steps that lead to the interaction between the population and objects. 

Activity 1 - Topic to Research Question Worksheet

When working through an idea to create a research question, it can be helpful to be intentional with each step of the process indicated above. This worksheet with help with your thinking about a research topic. 


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