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Performing Arts Resources

Books On Theatre & Dance

Books on theatre and dance may be in different areas of the library. Theatre will largely be found under the PNs on the third floor of Beeghly Library, while books on dance will often by in the GVs on the second floor. Books on Music will vary based on whether you are looking for sheet music (M) or histories & biographies (ML). Don't forget that you also have access to ebooks, academic articles, and streaming media!

Below are just a few examples of the kinds of books you can find in the library and online, along with call numbers to help you locate them.

The Craft

Music Histories and Biographies

Music history, criticism, and biography fall within the call numbers ML159-3785, with biographies living in the ML385-429 range.

International Theater & Dance

Theatre & Dance on Film

Recording and Audio Technology

Books on sound recording and audio technology are located in both Beeghly and Hobson Science Library: 

  • Call numbers that begin with M are in Beeghly
    • ​ML1055 History of recorded music and playback technology
    • MT723  How to create computer/electronic-based music
  • Call numbers that begin with T are in Hobson Science Library
    • ​TK7881.4  Sound systems, sound recording and reproduction