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HIST 250: Historical Inquiry

Purpose of this Guide

This guide exists to give you a single, easy resource to organize some of the different tools we discussed in the library session. This is by no means a comprehensive guide, but it will hopefully be a good refresher should you need a new jumping off point or a return to basics during your research process.

Which is to say: Remember that research is a process, one that you will start and stop many times, often having to change directions. That is not getting research wrong or being bad at it; that is, instead, what research is.


The link above will take you to the Zotero homepage, where you can download Zotero onto your device and install the Zotero browsing extension. Both of these tools will be incredibly helpful when it comes to creating a bibliographic record of your references.

The Zotero LibGuide will walk you through installing and basic functionality of Zotero. Whether you need a quick refresher on how Zotero works or an in-depth dive on some of its advances features I didn't cover in class, this is where you go.

How to Use this Guide

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  • Have questions? Your librarian's contact info is in the box below the menu.