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COMM 210: Public Speaking

To assist you in your research for assigned speeches.

Scholarly vs. Popular Resources

Scholarly Works Popular Works
  • Written by experts for experts;
  • Based on original research or intellectual inquiry;
  • Provides citations for all sources used;
  • Is usually peer reviewed prior to publication.
  • Written for the general public in a less formal tone;
  • Report on research but don't do the research themselves;
  • Usually dependent on heavy advertising;
  • Might be fact-checked.

-- Source and further reading

Which kind of source should you use?

Depends on the following:

  • The topic you're discussing; 
  • The goal of the speech; 
  • And the audience for your speech.

Consult your instructor and your syllabus for requirements on the type and number of sources.


Use the CRAAP Test to check the reliability of your resources.

CRAAP Test: Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy, and Purpose