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Open Educational Resources (OERs) @ OWU

Art Open Educational Resources

These links will take you directly to the portions of databases that contain materials relevant to Art. However, this is by no means an exhaustive list. Feel free to explore the General Collections> to find additional resources.

  • College Open Textbooks - Art -- College Open Textbooks (COT) focuses on textbooks for lower division classes. COT is not a repository of open textbooks; our listings point to textbooks on many repositories. Licenses vary. Verify individual items.
  • Smarthistory -- is an online resource provided by Khan Academy, the product of collaboration by Art Historians worldwide. It is a high-quality, introductory Art History source freely available to the public, and currently offers countless photos and more than 500 videos on a variety of topics, along with the text itself. CC BY-NC-SA 3.0
  • Open Learn - History & the Arts -- Open Learn is an initiative of The Open University, UK. It provides supplemental materials for educators, including articles, podcasts, videos, games, and much more. In addition, it offers more than 700 free online classes. Licenses vary. Verify individual items.
  • The Met Curriculum Resources -- Introduce your students to the richness and diversity of works of art in selected collections of the Museum. These comprehensive and fully illustrated guides provide useful background information and ideas for engaging students. Site-specific license.
  • EDSITEment! Art & Culture -- Explore our library of humanities lesson plans by subject, theme, and grade level. CC BY 4.0 unless otherwise noted.
  • Europeana -- This is the EU digital platform for cultural heritage. More than 3,000 institutions across Europe have contributed to Europeana. These range from major international names like the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, the British Library and the Louvre to regional archives and local museums from every member of the European Union. Together, their assembled collections let users explore Europe's cultural and scientific heritage from prehistory to the modern day. Licenses vary. Verify individual items.
  • World Digital Library -- The WDL makes it possible to discover, study, and enjoy cultural treasures and significant historical documents on one site, in a variety of ways. Content on the WDL includes books, manuscripts, maps, newspapers, journals, prints and photographs, sound recordings, and films. Licenses vary. Verify individual items.>

*This content was copied from Furman's OER General Collections LibGuide page with permission.