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Music Resources

Overview of library resources to support the curriculum of the Department of Music


Call Numbers for Music Resources

Printed music and books on music have call numbers that start with M, and are located on the third floor of Beeghly. Special sections with the music section and selected resources are listed below.

Scores and Printed Music

Searching for Scores

In the CONSORT catalog you can search just for scores using the Advanced Search feature.

  1. Go to the Advanced Search page
  2. Enter the composer or work in the fields

  3. Below the search term fields, Add Limits for Score (Material Type):

  4. Add limits for Library and/or Location if you want to find items available only at OWU. 
  5. Click Submit below the Search Terms fields to get your search results.


Music Reference

Music reference books have call numbers ML100-158.8, and include dictionaries, encyclopedias, indexes, and discographies. Reference works offer great starting points for research, with introductory info on people or topics that can direct you to other more in-depth resources.

Music Histories and Biographies

Music history, criticism, and biography fall within the call numbers ML159-3785, with biographies living in the ML385-429 range.

Music Industry and Careers

ML3790-3795 contain titles on the sound recording industry, including recording label and studio histories and vocational guidance.

Music Instruction

Books on music instruction and teaching have call numbers MT1-960, and include how-to manuals for individual learning as well as pedagogical aids for school classes.