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Using Zotero Connector

Install the Zotero Connector Web Extension

You can use the Zotero Connector, to save a reference to a web page, a book you find in the CONSORT catalog, or an article from one of the library databases. 

The Zotero Connector icons in your browser address bar change depending on how Zotero interprets the contents you are looking at. You might see a capital letter Z or you may see images for:

  • Books
  • Articles 
  • Web pages 

To save a reference using the Connector:

  1. Look for "Z"/format icon in the upper right or address bar of your browser.
  2. Click  "Z"/format icon, and Zotero will automatically save your citation.

Syncing Data

Zotero's online syncing allows you to access your Zotero library on any computer with Internet access.

  1. Create a Zotero account.
  2. Open Zotero client and open the Edit menu. Select Preferences.
  3. Select the Sync tab. Enter your account login and click Set up syncing. 


  4. To sync manually at any time, click the “Sync with Zotero Server” button (green arrow going clockwise) on the right-hand side of the Zotero toolbar.

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