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GEOG 347: Environmental Alteration: Find Articles

This guide supports Geog347: Environmental Alteration and serves as a topic guide to Global Warming.

Nature Climate Change

Nature Climate Change is a monthly journal dedicated to publishing the most significant and cutting-edge research on the science of climate change, its impacts and wider implications for the economy, society and policy.

Find ALL

Find All lets you, in one single place, search and access almost all of the resources that OWU Libraries own or have access to - books (some may be online books or e-books), articles from journals, magazines and newspapers, digital collections, videos, maps, and music scores. In other words, you will be able to find both books, articles and more.

Document Types

Abstract: a concise summary of a study

Article: a primary source reporting the results of a study

Review: a synthesis and analysis of peer-reviewed articles all pertaining to the same topic.  Also called Literarure Review, these are extremely important sources when starting out on a topic.  A good review will effectively lay out the state of knowledge on a topic and describe the seminal works in the topic.

Book Review: a review of a scholarly book, not the same thing as a literature review.

Conference Proceeding: an article (or sometimes just the abstract) that is the essential text of a paper that was presented at a scholarly conference.  Papers presented at scholarly conferences are considered peer-reviewed.

Government Document: a monograph, article, map, survey, hearing, etc. produced as a consequence of the activity of a division of the  federal or state government. Produced by professionals in the field, these are not technically peer-reviewed but are authoritative due to the nature of the publication.

Magazine: a publication issued for profit aimed at a popular audience. It will contain contain advertising and an editorial point of view. Articles are written by journalists and some journalists or writers are considered very authoritative.

Newspaper Article: topical coverage of an issue or event written for a general audience by journalists. Some newspapers and journalists are very prestigious.  Newspaper articles are helpful to get an "on the ground" view of an event or issue.

Special Purpose Research Databases

Research Databases