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GEOG 347: Human Impacts on the Environment: Home

How To Use This Guide

Welcome to the guide for GEOG 347: Human Impacts on the Environment! This guide was created to help students navigate, locate, and understand the resources they will need to use to complete their project. In this guide, you will find information on the research process, useful reference sources, finding books and articles, helpful websites, and citing sources. The research process can be difficult, but librarians are here to provide assistance and answer any questions along the way.

Course Professor

Nathan Amador Rowley, Ph.D.


Dr. Rowley is trained in Physical Geography with specialization in climatology/climate change, and remote sensing and GIS. His research interests include both cold and warm regions. His work on the Greenland Ice Sheet looks at dynamic interactions between the ice sheet surface and the atmosphere - paying particular attention to melt lake patterns and distributions. His interest in the tropics is through his connections at OWU where he investigates the environmental impacts of ecotourism and development in small communities in Costa Rica. For this he uses unmanned aerial vehicles (aka drones) to map communities and work with its members on developing environmental research questions.