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This guide provides an overview of some of the more common ebook sites offered by the OWU Libraries and how to access them.

Ebooks in Summon

All of the ebooks offered by the library can be found in Summon. The quickest way to limit the search results to ebooks is to limit to the format "Book/eBook" and to "Full Text Online" as shown here.



One of the big benefits of Summon is that searches look inside the book. Summon checks for your keywords not only in the titles and abstracts but the full-text of the entire book, making it much easier to find relevant passages in from books.

Ebooks in CONSORT

Like Summon, CONSORT provides access to all of the ebooks the library offers. The main difference is that CONSORT does not look inside books for your keywords. It looks only at titles, summaries, subject headings, author names, and tables of contents when available.

You can limit search results on CONSORT's Advanced Search page to ebooks by limiting the location to OWU Online Resources as shown below: