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2016 Presidential Election: Meet the Candidates

To See All the Candidates...

This guide lists the candidates for the Democrats, Republicans, and major Third Party groups. However, the list of those running for president is much more substantial. If for some reason you need a complete list in its entirety, please see Dee for help.


If you'd like to check out the bios, voting record, speeches, positions and more for a particular candidate go to  Project Vote Smart and search for your desired candidate by name or zip code. 

The Issues

Which Candidate Aligns with Your Thoughts on the Issues?

Having trouble deciding which candidate matches up with your opinions and stances on the issues? Try one of these quizes...which can get quite detailed...and then see who the candidate for you might be. 

Find Out More About the Issues Themselves

Many of the sites listed on this guide will give the candidate's views on important issues like economy, education, etc. However the OWU Libraries has access to other resources that can help give you the background on a certain issue, and in some cases, where the candidates fall on these issues.