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2016 Presidential Election: Media Coverage

ABC - Politics

Under "Politics" on the ABC News home page one finds Election coverage as well as other relevant political coverage. Lists of candidates, videos, and more can be found here. 

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FoxNews - Politics

Fox has an "2016 Election" tab on its political page. Like many other sites it contains top stories, videos, blogs, a test to see which candidate matches your views, etc. The RSS feed is for general political news coverage but covers much of the debates, etc.

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CBS - Politics

The RSS feed below is more general in its political coverage and does not necessarily focus on the elections but is currently rich with election coverage and quizzes.

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MSNBC - Politics

Though there is much discussion of the elections on the main page, MSBC has an entire section labeled, "Decision 2016" devoted to election coverage. Here one will find election calendars, news about the candidates, related news coverage and more. The RSS feed below is devoted to general politics.

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CNN - Politics

CNN devotes an entire section of its political coverage to a site called, "2016," devoted entirely to the election. The RSS feed is again for general politics but has much in the way of election coverage.

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NPR - Politics

NPR has a page devoted to Politics does a great job of covering the upcoming election with news stories, podcasts, blogs and more. The RSS feed below focuses on politics in general. See also stories tagged with 2016 presidential election or election 2016.

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