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PG 350: Judicial Process and Policy Making: Find Federal Statute Citation Using US Code Citation

Find Statute Using the US Code Citation via Nexis Uni

Go to Nexis Uni:



                          -From the first page, click on the “All Nexis Uni” to the right of the page

                         -Click on the boxes that say “Statutes and Legislation” and "Administrative Codes and Regulations"

                         -In the search bar enter your citation adding as extra “S” to USC

                                    (e.g. 21 USCS sec. 301)



                        -Under the heading HISTORY you should find a date and Statutes at Large

                         citation that you can use to find the print volume.





Be sure to cover the following...

1. Overall, what is the purpose of the statute/why was it passed?

2. Controversies about the statute

3. Identify and discuss the part of the statute that gives rise to the controversy before the Supreme Court

What's Being Argued

Careful: Sometimes what's being argued is not a section of the original statue but part of an amendment, etc. to the original that is now part of the current statute. If that's the case, you may have to do extra digging and repeat a few steps to find the part of the statute you need in the US Code and CFR.