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PG 350: Judicial Process and Policy Making: Finding Earlier Court Decisions

By Using the Syllabus

There will most likely be some discussion of previous court rulings mentioned in your syllabus. You can also use your syllabus to find citations to the United States Reports (which contains the full opinions of the Supreme Court for your case) and citations to earlier cases.


Be sure to cover the following...

1. Note the decisions made by other government officials involved in trying to resolve the controversy before it reached the Court (including agency judges and trial and appellate judges).

How to Read Court Case Citations

In the United States Reports, cases are cited as follows:  529  US  120 (2000)

529=    volume

US=     United States Reports (name of publication)

120=    page #

2000=  year

Federal Appears Court citation:

153=    Reporter vol. #

F 3d=  Federal reporter (reported set in which it is found) series are designated by 2d or 3d

155=    page #