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PHYS 280: Contemporary Physics: Citation Style

Why Cite?

Providing citations to the work of others you use to create your paper shows that you are using information ethically and honestly. Citing sources gives credit where credit is due and provides readers with a trail of breadcrumbs, which they may use to learn more about your topic and to follow your line of reasoning. Also, citing your sources shows that you have done the work and respect the intellectual property of the people you cite. Each academic discipline tends to have its own separate citation style, often modeled after the core journals in its field. However, your professor has specified to use the MLA citation style for this course because it is familiar to students in the liberal arts setting.

MLA Citation Style

The MLA Citation Guide, prepared by The Ohio State University Libraries, gives clear examples of how to prepare citations for your paper. Examples of in-text and reference list citations are given. Dr. Andereck requires a modification to this style which will include documentation for where the information was found.

Citation Management Tools


These two documents represent a plagiarism example. The first document is plagiarized text, and the second document is the original text.