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Data and Statistics Guide


The purpose of this guide is to connect you with raw datasets that can help support your Politics and Government research.

Many political decisions are based on data. Many articles or sites will offer statistical analysis of these raw datasets. While useful, even the best analysis may not be enough for your needs. There are times that you need to go directly to the source. Below you will find agencies at the federal and international levels that have made their raw datasets available for download.


Bias Notice: Even though we go to data to remove others' opinions from our interpretations, always be mindful of the methods of data collection. Even the base datasets can be biased by how it was collected. Beware of "bad data" with outright flaws in the collection method, but you also want to note that even "good data" can be biased. You always want to think critically about where these numbers are coming from and account for that in your analysis. 

United States Data and Statistics

International Data and Statistics