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Journalism and Communication

Overview of library resources to support the curriculum of the Department of Journalism and Communication

Books On Journalism and Journalists

Books on the history and practice of journalism can be found under the call numbers PN4699-5650 on the third floor of Beeghly Library. Check out some selected titles below.

PN4731 General works on journalism

PN4871-4874 Journalist biographies

PN4900 Publication histories

TR820 Photojournalism

Journalism in History and Politics

Some books on journalists, journalism, and the media will be in the history (call numbers that begin with E) or law (call numbers that begin with K) sections, especially if it pertains to politics or social issues. 

The following subject headings will also have relevant titles: 

African American Journalists Biography

African American Women Journalists Biography

Freedom of the Press United States

Journalists United States Biography

Journalism United States History

Presidents Press Coverage United States

Press and Politics United States 

Women Journalists United States Biography


In these sections you'll find titles like the ones below: