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Classics Source Guide: Finding Books

Browse the Shelves

Sometimes the best way to find a book is to browse the shelves. Below are a list of some of the most popular Classics topics and where each section can be located in the library.

Remember these number ranges are the same whether searching reference books, located on the 1st floor, or circulating books located on the 2nd (A-M) and 3rd (N-Z) floors.



Language and Literature:

PA1-6961: Greek/Roman Language & Literature



D51-90: Ancient history                                    

DE1-100: History of the Greco Roman World

DF1-550: Ancient Greece to c. 323 A.D.

DG1-399: Ancient Italy, Rome to 476 A.D.



B108-708: Ancient Philosophy



BL700-820: Classical (Etruscan, Greek, Roman)



JC51-93: Political Theory of the Ancient State

K140-165: History of Law

KJA2-3660: Roman law

KKE1-4999: Greece



R126–127: Ancient Medical Works

R135: History of Ancient Medicine

Finding Books in CONSORT

What is CONSORT?

CONSORT is an online catalog that you search to find books, journals, magazines, maps, music, web sites and more in the Ohio Wesleyan Libraries. Searching on CONSORT will also show you what our sister schools (Denison, Kenyon, and Wooster) have in their libraries. To only see what is available at OWU, limit your search by library location.


Search Tips

Although most probably know the basics of searching CONSORT, it never hurts to have a few reminders. The following document was created to help searchers decide whether to use a Basic or Advanced Search, a Keyword or Subject Search and instruct them on things like what to do when a search yields no results.

CONSORT Intro Video