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World Languages & Cultures Resources

Books On Modern Foreign Languages

World Languages & Cultures is an interdisciplinary field of study, and thus books on its topics can be found in various places throughout the library.

Language & Literature

  • PA: Greek/Roman Language & Literature
  • PC: Romance Languages
  • PQ: French, Italian, and Spanish Literature


  • D51-90: Ancient history
  • DE1-100: History of the Greco Roman World
  • DF1-550: Ancient Greece to c. 323 A.D.
  • DG1-399: Ancient Italy, Rome to 476 A.D.
  • DC 1-947: French History
  • DD 1-905: German History
  • DP 1-402: Spanish History
  • F 1201-3799: Latin & Spanish American History


  • B108-708: Ancient Philosophy


  • BL700-820: Classical (Etruscan, Greek, Roman)
  • BL830-875: Germanic and Norse
  • BL900-980: Other European


  • JC51-93: Political Theory of the Ancient State
  • K140-165: History of Law
  • KJA2-3660: Roman law
  • KKE1-4999: Greece


  • R126–127: Ancient Medical Works
  • R135: History of Ancient Medicine

Spanish Language Books

French Language Books

German Language Books

Classics Books