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Print, Copy, Scan

Commonly Asked Questions

Where are the Printers, Copiers and Scanners? Will Double-Sided Printing Save Money?
Can I Print Wirelessly in the Libraries? How Do I Check and Change Print Defaults?
How Do I Print Wirelessly?  Can I Use My Own Paper?
How Much Does It Cost to Print, Copy, and Scan? My Print Job is Taking Too Long, What Do I Do?
How Do I Pay for Print & Copy Jobs?  Can I Fax?



Where are the Printers, Copiers, and Scanners?

  • Print/Copy/Scan

    Beeghly Main floor, Info Commons - Bishop 1, Bishop 2*, and Internet Café - Beeghly Café*
    Science Library*
  • Microreader Printing/Copy/Scan

    Beeghly Lower Level
  • Additional Scanners

    Beeghly Media Center

            *wireless enabled



Can I Print Wirelessly in the Libraries?

Yes, but not all printers have wireless printing capabilities. Currently, you can send a job to Bishop 1, Bishop 2, or our Internet Café printer in Beeghly. The MFD printer in the Science Library is also enabled for wireless printing.



How Do I Print Wirelessly? 

You'll need to use the OWU WebPrint Form. Remember, it is recommended to save and then upload a document or PDF to the form rather than using the direct web address to print. It will make printing go much quicker!



How Much Does It Cost to Print, Copy, and Scan?


Black & White = 5 cents per page
Color = 15 cents per page


10 cents per page, regardless of color


Scanning to email is free and will send your documents in PDF form



How Do I Pay for Print & Copy Jobs? 


Each student is given 400 Print Credits or $20 worth of printing each semester for free. If you run out, you'll need to purchase more from the The Desk (cash only).


At this time we only accept cash for copies. If you don't want to worry about carrying cash, remember, scanning your document to email is free. You can then use your print credits to print out the copies you need.



Will Double-Sided Printing Save Money?

No. Each side counts as a page. Double sided = 2 pages.



How Do I Check and Change Print Defaults?

Defaults are double-sided, black and white. 

Before hitting print, go to File > Print and then look for a Printer Properties link before committing to print. Click on this option and a new window should appear allowing you to customize your print job.

Please note that printing defaults don't reset after someone logs off. Always check the properties before printing.



Can I Use My Own Paper?

No. The machines are set to accept only two sizes of paper, legal and letter, of a specific weight. Printing on resume paper, colored paper, notecards, etc. must be done at the Print Services Department (Duplicating) as different paper can jam or break the machines, causing slower printing for everyone.



My Print Job is Taking Too Long, What Do I Do?

Print jobs can take a long time for several reasons: lots of users all at once, printing a large file with lots of colors and pictures - typical with E-Reserves or Blackboard files, or a problem with the machine. As long as a blue light is flashing on Bishop 1 and 2, the machine is working. We recommend you plan ahead, especially in between class changes, as this is our busiest printing time. Whatever you do, don't try to print again without first checking with a staff member.



Can I Fax?

Unfortunately, no. While our green machines might look like they have fax capabilities, they do not. However, fax services are offered in Hamilton Williams Campus Center at the Student Involvement desk for a minimal fee and in the Print Services Department (Duplicating) found in the basement of the Science Center complex.