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Naxos Music Library

The Databases


Accessing Naxos Through Summon

You can search for streaming Naxos recordings by using Summon, the library's search tool. Enter a composer or a work in the search box. 

1) You can filter the results by using the Content Type facets in the left-hand menu.

2) Click on More... for the full list.

3) Scroll down the list that appears to Streaming Audio.

4) Click the green check mark next to it. 

5) Scroll back up to click the Apply button.

After you set the filter, look for items that have the music note icon and the orange "online" label. Click on the Available Online link and you will be taken to the item in the Naxos database.

Accessing Databases

To access any of OWU's subscription databases, on campus or off campus, you will be prompted to login with your OWU credentials. 


This is the same login you use to access Blackboard and your OWU email.

Problems? Questions? Contact us!

Searching Naxos

You can search the Naxos database with a simple keyword search in the box at the top of the page:

You can also browse composer, artist, and genre lists using the menu under the search box. When you select an artist from their list you will get a brief bio and list of works available for streaming:

Getting Links

If you wish to share a link to a track, a work, or an album in Naxos, you can do that without creating a playlist. 

NOTE: You *cannot* just copy and paste the URL from your web browser bar to share tracks and albums. It will generate an error message. Please follow the instructions below to generate a shareable Naxos link. 

To get a link for a single track, click on the box next to the track. 

On albums that contain multiple, multi-movement works, you can click on the box next to the work title. It will then check the boxes for all the tracks in that work.
Once your tracks are selected, click on the Show Static URL button on the left-hand menu, underneath the album cover. 
The links for your tracks will display under the track titles. Highlight and copy the URL and paste into your document.


Using Playlists

Create a Playlist

To create a shareable playlist please use the Naxos link above: 

  1. Open the link
  2. Login with username OhioWes, and password OhioWes
  3. On the playlist page, click on the Ohio Wesleyan University Playlists tab.

  4. Click on the Current OhioWes folder.

  5. Click on New Playlists. In the pop up box, add your title in the Playlist Name box. Start with your initials and then add a unique title for the list. Click Save Playlist.

  6. Now search for tracks to add to your playlist. Once you find a track, check its box and click the Add to Playlist button.

  7. In the pop up box (you may need to pull to expand in order to see the location fields), select the Ohio Wesleyan tab, the Current OhioWes folder, and the playlist you created. Click Add to Playlist button.


Sharing a Playlist

Please note that playlists are only shareable when created with the URL and login listed above.

  1. Click on Ohio Wesleyan University Playlists tab > Current OhioWes folder > check box for your playlist.

  2. Then check the Display Static URL to Playlist check box in the blue bar on your upper right just above the playlists. The URL will appear underneath the playlist.

  3. Right click on the link to copy the URL. You can then send or link the URL wherever you need. Please note that the URL is only accessible on OWU's network. 

Logging Out

When you have finished your work in Naxos, remember to logout before you close your window/tab.


Why is this important? Because we have a 5-user limit. If you don't logout before you close that window/tab, that user spot remains filled for another 30 minutes. When you logout you make that spot available immediately. 

Questions? Please contact us!

Other Audio Recording Resources


OhioLINK Music Center is another way to access Naxos recordings without hitting our local 5 user limit. You will not be able to create or share playlists from this portal though.

Info on finding other music recording sources, including how find CDs and DVDs of performances, is here.