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Inclusive Pedagogy


Hybrid Pedagogy

  • "Hybrid Pedagogy (ISSN: 2332-2098) is a community, a conversation, a collaboration, a school, and a journal. It is a place to discuss critical digital pedagogy by advocating for students and fostering awareness of academic hierarchies. We work together to enact an understanding of co-teaching within a community of mutual respect. Hybrid Pedagogy is centered on praxis — the blend of theory and practice that develops with experience and reflection."
  • From Hybrid Pedagogy: About Us

The International Journal of Critical Pedagogy

  • "The International Journal of Critical Pedagogy is committed to publishing original articles that propose innovative understandings and applications of critical pedagogy. The journal covers a wide range of perspectives in areas such as:
    • Diversity
    • Popular culture
    • Media literacy
    • Critical praxis
    • Experimental methodologies"
  • From The International Journal of Critical Pedagogy: Focus and Scope



Below are a handful of recent scholarly articles on the topic of inclusive pedagogy. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but it may serve as an introduction to some of the discussions happening in the inclusive pedagogy space.