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East Asian Studies Resources

Searching for Sources

You can search for OWU resources using the tools below. As always, contact us if you're not finding what you need.

For help finding good resources for East Asian Studies, here are a few helpful hints:

  • Focus on the adjectives and nouns in your topic.
    • 'Asian literature' or 'Japanese authors authors' are stronger searches than just 'literature'.
  • Get specific if you have a specific topic
    • Writing about Haruki Murakami? Search for 'Haruki Murakami' specifically.
  • Like, get really specific, we mean
    • What are you writing about Haruki Murakami?
      • If you want to read Márquez's own work, an author search for 'Murakami, Haruki' is likely your best bet.
      • But if you want to read about his history, you'd do a keyword search for 'Haruki Murakami biography' or 'Haruki Murakami history'
      • And if you want criticism of his work, you'd try 'Haruki Murakami criticism' or 'Haruki Murakami interpretation'.
  • You can ever get specific about the kind of sources you want.
    • In CONSORT, if you click on 'Modify Search' at the top of the screen, you can use the 'Other Material Type' to select 'e-books' and limit your results to just books you can access online.
    • In Summon, you can look on the side of the screen for 'Content Types' and click 'book/ebook' once, then scroll down to 'Subject Terms' and select 'electronic books' to limit your results to just books you can access online.


Summon is a library search tool that lets you search across the majority of the library's resources including books in CONSORT, full-text articles from academic databases, media, ebooks, and lots more from a single search box.

You can read more on how to use Summon here.


CONSORT is the online catalog shared by OWU, Denison, Kenyon, and Wooster. Search here to find books, magazines, music, and video.


WorldCat is a catalog that expands your search even further, searching libraries all around the world. And yes, you can request items from here too. 

Search for an item in libraries near you: >>

*Items you find in WorldCat will most likely need to be requested via Interlibrary Loan.