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Citing Video

APA Style

To cite a film:

Title. Directed by Director Name, performances by Performer Name, Performer Name, and Performer Name, Studio/Distributor, Year.

Love & Basketball. Directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood, performances by Sanaa Lathan and Omar Epps, New Line Cinema, 2000.

To cite an episode of TV:

IF you are citing a TV show based on a recording, such as a DVD or blu-ray box set, use the following format.

"Episode Title." Media Series Collection Title, written by Episode Writer and Episode Writer, directed by Episode Director, Distributor/Broadcaster, year of distribution.

"Open Book." Steven Universe: The Complete First Season, written by Hilary Florido and Katie Mitroff, directed by Elle Michalka, Warner Brothers, 2018.

IF you are citing based on an episode viewed on a streaming service, use the following format.

"Episode Title." Series Title, season #, episode #, Network, DD MMM. YYYY. Service, url.url.url

"Open Book." Steven Universe, season 1, episode 46, Cartoon Network, 19 Mar. 2015. Hulu,

To cite an online video:

Name, Author. "Video Title." Service, uploaded by Channel Title, DD MMM. YYYY, url.url.url

Rugnetta, Mike. "Is Super Mario Brothers A Surrealist Masterpiece?." YouTube, uploaded by PBS Idea Channel,