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Philosophy Resources

Guide to Philosophy resources available at OWU Libraries


This page provides links to different types of articles you can use in your research. Most library journals are available 24 hours a day online. You have access to the book catalog and full list of databases at the OWU Libraries Homepage

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Best Bet

General Databases

Advice on Searching

  • Stay flexible. 
    • Searching is a process. It's likely that you will not find exactly what you are looking for on your first search. Try different keywords and different combinations. 
  • There is not one perfect source.
    • It is very unlikely that you will find one article or book that will say everything that you want to say in your paper (if you do, you might want to consider refining your topic to write on a more original research topic). Consider the types of arguments you could make on your topic. How can you find a resource about the individual topics that you could then combine in your paper? 
  • Ask for help. 
    • Librarians are here to help. You can email me directly at or email the reference desk at, call at 740-368-3225, or chat with us on the library's homepage.