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EndNote Online

Quick Reference Guide

This Quick Reference Guide is a downloadable version of the instructions below. It shows you how to do the basics of saving and managing your references. 

Adding References - WoS

In Web of Science, you can export references directly from your search results or article page. 

On the article page, click on Export, and select Save to EndNote Online.

Once you make that export choice, the button will default to Export to EndNote Online at the top of your page.


On a search results page, select your articles by checking the box next to the articles.

Then click Export/Export to EndNote Online to export the title info for all your selections at once.

Adding References -- Open Web

To add reference for articles you find elsewhere on the web, use Capture Reference.

To add Capture Reference button to your browser:

  1. Log into EndNote Online.
  2. Click on Downloads.
  3. In your browser, open the menu/settings and select Show Bookmarks Bar, if you already don't have it viewable.
  4. Drag Capture Reference button to bookmarks bar. 

To use Capture Reference

  1. View your article in your browser. 
  2. Open bookmarks bar in your browser.
  3. Click on Capture Reference
  4. In the pop-up window, check to make sure the relevant information is in the form. Add more info if needed. Make sure radio button for is selected. Click Save To button to save article info.


Create and Manage Groups

You can create groups to organize your references.

To create a group: 

  1. Go to My References.
  2. Select the reference by checking its box. 
  3. In the Add to group... dropdown menu, select New Group

  4. In the popup window, enter the name for your group. 

  5. Click Ok.

To manage references in a group: 

  1. Click on the group name in left-hand menu to view group list. 
  2. Check the box of the title you want to adjust. 
  3. Click the Delete button to completely remove the reference from EndNote. Click the Remove from Group button to just remove from this list.

Adding Attachments

To attach a document to your reference entry, click on on the paper clip icon underneath the title.