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Print, Copy, Scan

Paying for Prints

Each student is given 400 Print Credits or $20.00 worth of printing each semester for free.

  • Print credits stay in student printing accounts throughout the academic year, so unused credits in the fall will rollover to the spring semester balance.
  • During the summer (after summer school), printing accounts will be refreshed. Credits left in printing accounts will be erased and balances will be reset at the beginning of the academic year.
  • There is no reimbursement for unused credits and credits cannot be transferred from one student account to another.

Checking your balance

To check your balance, please contact Library or IS staff.

Adding more credits

Print credits cannot be used for copying but they can be refilled. If you run out, you will need to purchase more from the main desk at Beeghly ( cash only).

Paying for Photocopies

You can only pay for copies with cash.

Copy machines have no card readers or money machines. If you wish to make a copy on a public machine, you will need to see a Library staff member so they can enter a code and collect money manually from you. Copies are 10 cents per page.


In certain cases you can request reimbursement for bad prints. Bad prints are when the print is unreadable, wrinkled or damaged in another way due to a machine error.

You cannot request credit for non-printer errors such as

  • blank pages at the end of a document
  • jobs that you changed your mind about
  • left before printing finished
  • printing the wrong document or spelling mistakes.

To receive reimbursement you must bring the flawed pages to a library staff member.