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Print, Copy, Scan

Customize Your Prints

Go to: File > Print > Printer Properties 

To check defaults and change print preferences like:

  • Color
  • 1 vs. 2-sided prints
  • Stapling, and more 

Reset Defaults

CAUTION: If you are printing from an Info Commons computer and the person before you changes the default settings, they will stay changed until the computer is re-started. Logging out will not re-set defaults. Check before you print!

Paper Size

Paper size options are Legal and Letter only.

  • Letter is 8.5 in x 11 in.
  • Legal is 8.5 in x 14 in.
Please note:
  • International size A paper will not work with our machines.
  • Printing on colored paper, resume paper or cardstock must be done at Print Services.

Printing Word/Adobe Docs

Sometimes Word and Adobe documents can be tricky to print. If you can't find a file or printer icon try these options:

  1. Right click on the document which will hopefully bring up the Print option. 
  2. Hit Ctrl + Print Scrn on the keyboard. (Good option for web sites if you are having trouble finding "Print" on the broswer.)
  3. For Adobe documents, we have found if you also scroll your mouse down to the bottom of the document a toolbar might magically appear which has a printer icon on it. 

Printing a Google Doc

For best results, download all Google Docs to PDF's before printing.

  1. Open the Google Doc.
  2. Go to File menu.
  3. Select Download As from the drop down menu.
  4. Select PDF.

Printing Problems

Print jobs can take a long time for several reasons:

  1. Lots of users printing all at once.
  2. Printing a large file with lots of colors and pictures – typical with ERes or blackboard files.
  3. Or a problem with the machine. If this happens, a light by the Check Status button will be lit.

As long as the Check Status Light is not lit, the machine should be working. We recommend you plan ahead, especially in between class changes, as this is our busiest printing time. 

If the Check Status light is lit or you think something else is off, please ask a staff member for help. Whatever you do, don’t try to print again without first checking with a staff member.