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Course Reserves


Submit copies electronically via email to

Print Reserves in the Library

Fill out the Print Course Reserves Form.

If you have any personal copies for reserve, please bring the material to The Desk in Beeghly Library.


Please Note

  • Reserve lists are processed in the order in which they are received.
  • To have material ready for the beginning of the semester, submit your materials one week prior to the start of the semester.
  • If you are submitting an extensive reserve list, submit your list in priority order so that the Libraries can prepare the materials more efficiently.
  • If reserve items are ordered through CONSORT, please know this will add more days to the processing time.

Finding Course Reserves in the Libraries

Find Reserves by Instructor
Find Reserves by Course

To check out items on print reserve, you will need:

  • Your course name and number
  • Your instructor's name
  • The title(s) of the article or book you are looking for.

The majority of print course reserves are located in Beeghly Library. However, reserves may also have been placed in the Science Library or the Media Center. Visit the front desk of the library or department where your item is located to borrow.

NOTE:  Course reserves can be borrowed for short periods of time ranging from two hours to one day and typically cannot be taken outside the library.

End of Semester

Library staff will hide course pages and records at the end of each semester.


For E-Reserves

If you would like digital copies of your readings, please send an email to


For Print Reserves

Usage statistics will be compiled and sent along with an email informing faculty when and how to pick up reserve items.

Course Packs

If you're interested in creating a course pack for your class, please contact one of these third-party providers approved by the OWU Bookstore 4-6 weeks prior to the beginning of the semester. Both vendors require a list of your readings, with full citation information for each reading. 

XanEdu Publishing
Robert Cook

Zip Publishing
Bob Sims

OWU Bookstore Contact

Text Books on Reserve

As a way to help stretch student budgets and contribute to retention efforts, the Libraries are asking faculty to consider putting personal copies of textbooks and, if the publisher allows, review copies of textbooks on reserve. Not sure if your review copy can go on reserve?  Check the agreement you signed with the publisher when you accepted the review copy. It will let you know if sharing with a third party is acceptable. There are no limitations on personal copies. Thanks for your consideration.