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LGBTQIA+ Resources for OWU Students

Current Campus Safe Zones

To qualify for this designation, organizations/people must undergo training conducted by the Spectrum Resource Center which teaches a general background of gender and promotes an inclusive and safe space for all genders. Current campus Safe Zones include: 

  • Spectrum Resource Center (SRC)
  • Sexuality and Gender Equality House (SAGE)
  • Citizens of the World House (COW)
  • House of Peace and Justice (P&J)
  • Tree House
  • Honors House

Safe Zones can be identified by the following sticker: 
OWU SRC Certified Safe Zone
Information provided by the OWU Spectrum Resource Center. Updated May 2016.

Prominent Faculty/Staff Allies

  • Rev. Jon Powers (Chaplain's Office)
  • Lisa Ho (Chaplain's Office)
  • Dr. Chad Johns (Chaplain's Office and Spectrum Resource Center)
  • Dr. Julie Duhigg (Counseling Services and Spectrum Resource Center)
  • Chuck Della Lanna (AV Center - Beeghly Library)
  • Nicole More (Admissions - International)
  • Chris Mickens (Public Safety) 
  • Dr. Sally Livingston (Comparative Literature)
  • Dr. Katherine Glenn-Applegate (Education)
  • Dr. â€‹Paula White (Education)
  • Dr. Karen Poremski (English)
  • Prof. Amy Butcher (English)
  • Dr. Nancy A. Comorau (English)
  • Dr. Lynette Carpenter (English)
  • Dr. Zack Long (English)
  • Dr. Mark Allison (English)
  • Dr. Jennifer Jolley (Music)
  • Dr. Sarah L. Bunnell (Psychology)
  • Dr. Ashley Biser (Politics and Government)
  • Dr. Paul Dean (Sociology/Anthropology) 
  • Dr. Constance Richards (WGS and English)
  • Dr. Richelle D. Schrock (WGS)
  • Dr. Rita Jo Trimble (WGS)

If you would like to be added to this list or have suggestions, please contact the creators of this LibGuide.