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Politics and Government: Judicial Branch: The Courts

The Constitution

Court Decisions, Justices and General Information

1. Oxford Companion to the Supreme Court Provides background information on justices, court cases, constitutional issues, etc. Also available in the print REF KF8742.A35 O93.


2. Biographical Encyclopedia of the Supreme Court: The Lives and Legal Philosophies of the Justice Located at REF KF8744 .B56 2006. Covers only up until 2006. For more recent bibliographic information on the justices, try the database Biography Reference Bank.


3. Landmark Decisions of the United States Supreme Court Located REF KF4550 .F54 2008


4. United States Reports Located JU 6.8. Provides the opinions and summary of the Supreme Court on a case.


5. Nexis Uni  On the main page, you can perform a basic search for federal cases. Under the "Advanced Search" option, you can narrow your search by party name, citation, legal topic, etc. 

6. Cornell University Law School Site This site contains a digitized version of the Constitution. One can also access many documents of the Supreme Court by date or topic. Court syllabi found here do not contain the headnotes as in Nexis Uni.