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Summon Help

When to Use Summon

Use Summon...

  • When you are first starting your research
  • To see how much information is available on your topic
  • To discover the different types of resources the library has available on your topic
  • To quickly browse and access available resources 

When Not to Use Summon

Though Summon can do many things, there are currently some cases when Summon is not the best resource to use, such as:

  • When you need to use highly controlled vocabulary or search terms
  • When you are searching for historical newspaper articles
  • When you are looking for country, company and industry reports, typically found in business databases, and
  • When you are looking for legal research, specifically legal journal titles, case reports and legislation.

Use Summon With...

Summon is not meant to be used alone. In fact, it includes many of the items found in our catalogs, databases, etc. that are sometimes best used along with Summon or instead of Summon.

Summon and OhioLINK

Although your Summon search results will not include OhioLINK items, there is a link in the sidebar of the results page for OhioLINK.

Clicking on this link will take your search out to the OhioLINK catalog working the same way as when you click the Search OhioLINK button in CONSORT.