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FREN 499 - Barbo


While OWU does have access to French language resources, particularly valuable for finding newspapers, as a primarily English-language institution, our resources are limited. Below, I've included a handful of potentially valuable French-language resources that should be free to access. If you have any trouble accessing these resources, please let me know!


Using Google

Unlike many of OWU's resources, there isn't a particularly easy way to make your Google results predominantly French or Arabic news sources. Even searching (the French Google portal) or changing my native Google settings to French still gave me primarily English-language resources. I suspect you'll have to turn off geolocation on your account (or use a VPN) if you want to bypass this issue.

That said, you can still search newspaper articles. In Google, if you type:


before your search, you are telling Google to only return results from that page. So, for example, if you google burkini

then all the results will be from the French newspaper Le Monde.