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Information Sources for Geography 110: Home

Cultural Geography Country Profile Project

Course Instructors

Dr. David Walker

Dr. David Walker doing fieldwork

Dr. Walker studies contemporary urban issues and has conducted extensive research in Oaxaca, Mexico City and Tijuana. He teaches Urban Geography, Economic Geography, Cultural Geography, and a new course on Latin America. Professor Walker's current research interests incorporate a theoretical approach to urbanization and spaces of resistance and the restructuring of urban spaces in Mexican Cities. His research concerns the neoliberalization of space and gentrification as economic and cultural globalism in Latin America's Historic City Centers.


The Country Profile Project is a semester-long project.  This guide will provide you with links to the information sources that your professors have suggested in order to get accurate, authoritative, and timely information.

 If you have any questions or problems with the project, please don't hesitate to contact your professor or make an appointment with your librarian.