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Media Center


Rooms are available for instruction and media creation in the Media Center in the lower level of Beeghly. Reservations are taken during all hours of operation. Advance notice is requested and confirmation is required for use.

Classrooms and Production Rooms

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All classrooms are equipped with DVD/video playback and the ability to receive cable, and satellite programming.

Facilities include:

  • Video conferencing services
  • Self-service video editing workstations
  • Three AV equipped classrooms for groups of 20-30
  • Two viewing and listening rooms to accommodate 1-3 people
  • Film/Video screening room offers large screen projection with surround sound for DVD, videotape or data
  • Green screen video production studio

Operation assistance should be requested at the time of room reservation.

Privacy Pod

Using the Privacy Pod
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Located on the Ground Floor of Beeghly, the Privacy Pod is a soundproof, multi-functional space for individual or small group work that requires a private, soundproof location like podcasting, a counseling session, job interviews, or virtual class attendance.