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Special Collections Department Guide for Student Classes

Access and Use policies

Access and Use of Special Collections

  1. Users should sign visitor book located near entrance door 

  2. Materials must be used only in the Reading Room 

  3. Readers are responsible for the safety of materials 

    • Use only pencil when taking notes 

    • Do not mark or trace on materials 

    • Do not eat or drink in Reading Room 

    • Do not lay materials face down 

    • Use bookmarks provided by the staff 

    • Gloves are to be used when handling photographs but are not necessary for most other types of materials 

    • Keep collection materials in their original order 

  4. Duplication of materials will be allowed in most cases, but some materials are too fragile to photocopy or scan. Photography is allowed. 

  5. Permission to use materials in publications must be requested